Working with the Business Community

Many of my pupils work in an office environment and in talking with them I discovered that they shared a number of difficulties, or challenges which I thought the Technique would be able to help with.

Pain  Neck, back and shoulder ache are very common problems and these conditions can develop in to more serious and long lasting difficulties, such as RSI and slip discs, if not dealt with. Usually excess muscle tension is at least part, if not the whole, of the problem. It interferes with the body’s natural alignment, balance and coordination.Pain, stiffness and immobility is the result. This has an obvious impact on wellbeing and a person’s capacity to perform well at work. The NHS website states “ About 9.3 million working days were lost due to work-related back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders in 2008/09.”

One of the main reasons for this type of pain is that people have to sit down for many hours a day. The emphasis for many years has been to design evermore fancy and expensive chairs, which the furniture industry has been only to happy to provide. But you’ll notice that the problem hasn’t gone away, which rather implies that that is not the answer! Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than that and it is to ourselves that we have to look for a solution. The Alexander Technique teaches us how to move in such a way as to reduce, not increase, the level of tension within our bodies, so that we can sit in balance and feel completely supported. In this way the usual problem of collapsing forward, which is the cause of the neck, back and shoulder problems, is reduced and eventually goes altogether.

Communication is affected by postural and behavioural mannerisms of which we are often unaware. They can detract from and undermine even the most carefully planned presentations. Learning the Technique helps you become more aware of your body and helps develop subtle neuro-muscular control so that your mind and body are working together. You can ensure that the message that you’re putting across is the one you’d planned to.

Stress and other negative emotions affect and our minds and bodies. The Technique offers a way of lessening their impact so that you can gain confidence and reach your potential.

Manner of Reaction and Decision Making impacts our working and personal lives. The Alexander Technique teaches us not to react to a stimulus immediately but to think and choose the best way forward, this was in fact how F.M Alexander cured his throat problems and forms the basis of the Technique. If we can use this principle in our interactions with people, no matter what the setting, the outcomes can be very different. Through learning this skill in the context of personal everyday situations it becomes available to you when you most need it.

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