So it’s June already and despite the lack of significant rain our countryside and gardens are blooming with flowers, buzzing with insects with signs of growth and renewal all around.

In the last six months so much has happened in the world. Russia invaded Ukraine and fuel prices have rocketed, be they for transport or heat, light and power. There isn’t anyone here in the UK, or in the wider world who isn’t affected by these unexpected events. We have no control over so much of what’s going on at the moment, however what we can control is how we think, react, and act.

Let’s return to YOU for a moment. How are YOU today as you read this? What are you struggling with? By this I don’t mean simply financially, I’m really asking about how you are feeling and what you are noticing about yourself?

I work a lot of the time with clients who have anxiety and together we work towards changing old habits and patterns which have become unhelpful and we work collaboratively to instil new ways of coping, new ways of being and new ways of (re-) acting.

This year many clients have worked through their uniquely designed one to one sessions to overcome addictions, severe anxiety, OCD from an unexpected trauma, along with boosting confidence and self esteem.

I have no long term clients, it’s my job to be as cost effective as possible, especially when the economic situation is so challenging for everyone. This is achieved by applying my training and experience to aid all those who seek my help in the shortest time possible whilst meeting all their goals and needs.

I have however noticed a concerning trend in the last few months, and this is that people are putting off seeking help with their mental health which can mean it takes them longer to reach their goals. With the consequences of Covid and lockdowns now coming to the fore, combined with current economic circumstances, it is completely understandable.

However, in some cases, the cost to individuals, their families, and ultimately their pockets, when they do reach a point whereby they can’t do this alone may be dearer than it would have been if they’d sought help sooner.

The saying “A stitch in time saves nine” is just that, the earlier you seek out Professional help, even just to discuss a problem, however big or small, could save you from added distress, anxiety, and ultimately money.

So we’re six months into the year and I’d like to know what would you like to work towards, do, or change in the next six months?

My personal goal for this year was to have more balance in my life so I worked on putting something fun in the diary every month to look forward to that was not connected to work or volunteering. So far I’m doing well. I’ve had some great days out with picnics and been on so many new walks and footpaths. I’ve caught up with old friends, many of whom I haven’t seen for a very long time, and the months to come also look promising with lots of family events in the pipeline.

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