When you book your first Cognitive Behavioural Hynpotherapy session (usually 90 minutes) at Mind Body Freedom your appointment will be confirmed, and you will receive some paperwork by email which will include our terms and conditions, payment details, a consent form and a medical questionnaire. It’s really important that these documents have been signed in person (and not simply typed) and returned to us by email by the date specified along with your first payment.  

Every session is invidually tailored to each and every client and this includes the first session, and this is why the medical history is so important. We need to thoroughly check that there are no contra-indications such as epilepsy, psychosis or schizophrenia. 

Booking a session of VHT is similar although the first appointment is 75 minutes. 

A combined mind and body session takes longer and requires slightly more in depth assessment to ensure you receive the right care. Please allow 2 hours.