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Mon – Thursday : 10am – 7pm, Fri – 10am – 3pm. Other appointments are available by prior arrangement. All time-zones accommodated.

We Are Here to Help

Reach out to us with confidence; we are here to help. Mind Body Freedom can arrange for you to have to have a free 15-20 minute telephone consultation. This can be booked by a variety of ways to suit – by the online booking system, an online enquiry, email, or phone call.

During this initial conversation Sarah will reassure you, explain both the process and what happens next. Usually after this call, a first appointment of 90 minutes is booked and clients will then receive an information pack by email and be asked to fill in the medical questionaires and to sign the Consent Form, and agree to the Terms & Conditions which are emailed back 72 hours before the first appointment.

At your first appointment we will work together to establish the reason(s) you are here and devise a therapeutic plan. Eg: A course of sessions to tackle insomnia or a series of 4 – 6 sessions, with a review at session 4 to support and guide you to overcome recent or resurgent grief & loss, to help with your social anxieties, or support you with whatever else you’d like help with. No one size fits all, everything is tailored to YOU.


It takes only a moment to reach out for help

Click on any of the links to fill in the contact form, send an email to, or ring up on +44 (0)1845 522733 and Sarah will get back to you.

Flexible appointments

Sarah operates flexible appointments to fit with working hours and different time zones across the world.


Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Coaching isn’t magic, it’s teamwork. We will work together to understand what brings you here and to discover what you’d like to change. You will be guided towards identifying achievable goals and be fully supported with a variety of processes to identify, understand and implement postive and permament changes.  

Therapeutic plan

Together we develop a therapeutic plan with your goals firmly in mind, gving you an idea of the number of sessions and the costs, while adding in a specific review session. eg: Initially the plan could be 4 – 6 sessions with a review at session 4. This is not fixed in stone, it’s all about giving you the methods and the confidence to make the changes you are seeking.

The costs

Rates are £95 for the first 90 minute session and £65 for each 60 minute session afterwards.

Some concessions from £45.00/hour including under 18’s.

These costs include some recordings, worksheets and documents for clients to use at home, when applicable.

There is a lot of preparatory work involved before and after every appointment as all sessions are tailored to the individual.


Client confidentiality is assured. Mind Body Freedom is bound by professional, moral and ethical codes of conduct and meets high standards of professional practice. MBF does not disclose or share any client details or data to anyone.

The only time client confidentiality may be breached is in the extremely unlikely event that under current safeguarding legislation there is a potential danger to: the client, the therapist or someone else.


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