Everyone has life-stories and life-shocks. It’s the shocks which may form the interpretations of our stories, and it’s often the shocks of childhood which set the tone for the narrative of our lives and our sometimes affect our attachment style.

The great news is that with the right help your story can change. At a very challenging and difficult time in my life I had some hypnotherapy to help me with my grief and losses. I found it both so unbelievably helpful and the long term effects to be so beneficial that I decided to train as hypnotherapist myself to help others.

As children we can all unconsciously take to heart things which happen to us, or we can take in the words we hear. This can set up negative core-beliefs and unless they are challenged these can impact on our lives and decisions for the rest of our lives.

The good news is that with the right help you can begin a new chapter, or even write a whole new book! To help you find out more please book a free consultation to learn how Mind Body Freedom can help you.