Are you giving yourself a limiting belief? I heard one on Friday from an entrepreneur friend, who said: “I’m never going to be really successful as all the really successful people get up early in the morning.”

“NO”, I said immediately, stopping her mid-sentence, and she looked at me directly, over zoom, and laughed.

This is an absolutely classic example of self sabotage by the little voice in our heads to maintain the status quo and remain stuck. The brain’s main task is all about your survival, to keep you safe, and it likes the familiar, and your unconscious mind frequently resists the unfamiliar.

Always the entrepreneur, and despite this limiting belief of hers, she challenged me to write a blog to explain this concept to others so it’s this week’s topic and it’s an important one. .

Can you see how the thoughts in your head can block you too? Close your eyes and imagine it’s like trying to use both hands to do an intricate task yet deliberately, or in this case unconsciously, putting your dominant hand behind your back. Now think again about how to do the task ahead with one hand, notice how challenging it is, and also notice how this makes you feel.

Don’t worry, there’s a definite way forward to your goals and dream and it’s a tried and tested one. The one fact I have learnt about really successful people is that they do one thing every single day towards their goal even if, for an entrepreneur, it is only reading or replying to one email on a day off. An achievable personal goal might start with going for a five minute walk, or longer, or choosing to eat fruit instead of desserts.

Once you have made your choice to change something, choose just one thing, and start small. Next, work out what your initial goal is: e.g. exercise more, eat more veg, work on your business and set the first priority.

It’s really important to set achievable and realistic goals such as: One short walk a day, one extra portion of veg or salad a day, or to work towards your business goal – eg pick one social media channel i.e: Facebook this week. Success builds on success, no matter how small, and it becomes easier.

Once you’ve set your goal choose how to reward yourself – apart from the feeling of achievement when you reach your goal(s), it should be something to look forward to, and positive. This is really useful when you’re struggling to finish the task(s) that you’ve set yourself. To give an example I work full time and often plan something for later in the week. Recently I met up with friends for a socially distanced walk and meal, and I might take some time off on a weekday to do something different especially if I’m working with clients on a Saturday morning. With Covid-19 the choices may be fewer and I’ve discovered the benefits of Netflix after receiving a voucher for my birthday. I also bake to unwind and I enjoy sharing the results with others.

Your reward might be to watch a favourite programme, take a bath with music and candles, or go outside. If healthier eating is one of your goals it’s a good idea to avoid using food-based treats especially sweet ones as your reward. Think of something else which makes you smile and feed good.

Start small – the more you do this the easier it becomes. The good thing is that each day starts afresh so if you miss a day, or two, you can just start over again the next day. Consistency is the key, and this builds momentum so when you look back you can see how far you have come. Visualise yourself achieving your chosen goal every day, several times a day. By doing this you are positively re-enforcing the new thoughts and creating new neural pathways in the brain by a process of neural-plasticity and it’s amazing….. Aim for 21 consecutive days to start with, and build from there. 

If you’d like help understanding what a limiting belief is, or some help finding out what yours is then please book a complimentary 20 minute consultation through the website you can find the link here.