Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Coaching with Sarah Pym DipCBH

About ME

Sarah Pym

I am a certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and VHT Practitioner. I currently offer Hypnotherapy and Coaching in person or over Zoom video. A limited number of one to one sessions are available in Thirsk following strict Covid-19 Prevention Protocols. 


I Have Experience With…

Grief & Loss

Loss is an inescapable part of life, and comes in many forms: bereavement, redundancy, illness, relationship break-ups, relocation. MBF can help you with this.

Anxiety, Stress and More

MBF helps clients with their various anxieties including fears, phobias, low confidence, exam/interview nerves, public speaking, low self esteem, procrastination, smoking cessation, weight loss, and habit reversal.

Pain Relief

Pain affects us all at some stage in our lives, and Hypno-CBH© is a fantastic tool for helping clients with their pain management. It’s proven and it works.


Mind Body Freedom can help you sleep better. Do you have trouble going to sleep or waking up early?  Sarah offers a 1:1 programme to revolutionise your sleep patterns.


What you can expect?

STEP 1: Complimentary Consultation

All enquiries start with a complimentary 15-20 minute telephone consultation. You can arrange this via a variety of ways to suit – by the online booking system, an online enquiry, email, or phone call.


STEP 2: Initial Conversation

During this initial consultation Sarah will reassure you, explain both the process and what happens next. Usually, after this call, a first appointment of 90 minutes is booked and clients will then receive an information pack by email and be asked to fill in the medical questionnaires and to sign the Consent Form, and agree to the Terms & Conditions. These forms are emailed back to MBF before your first appointment.

STEP 3: First Appointment

At your first appointment we will work together to establish the reason(s) you are here and devise a therapeutic plan. Eg: An initial series of 4 – 6 sessions, with a review at session 4 to help you with your grief and loss; a course of sessions to tackle insomnia or overcome your social anxieties, or whatever else you’d like help with. No one size fits all, everything is tailored to YOU.


What People Are Saying

About our Therapy Sessions

Help me with pain control

“Sarah worked with me for a while before my recent operation, ensuring that I had personalised sessions over video-conferencing, that made it possible for me to have my leg operation with only local anaesthetic, and to help me with pain control afterwards. The surgeon was impressed. I felt so confident as I went into theatre and I am doing well post operation. I thoroughly recommend Sarah at Mind Body Freedom, wherever you live in the world. I was slightly sceptical, but I’m seriously converted now to the benefits that an excellent hypnotherapist can provide.”

JY, Sydney, Australia

Professional hypnotherapy

“Before we started Sarah explained what hypnotherapy actually entailed and I understood the process we were about to embark on.  If you feel you could do with some assistance with how you are handling any aspects of life, I would recommend a course of professional hypnotherapy. The results can feel almost miraculous. From my experience, I would recommend Sarah at MindBodyFreedom to be your first call. Due to circumstances, all the consultations and therapy sessions were held over teleconferencing. This worked absolutely brilliantly and made it easy to fit around my busy schedule. I am confident that hypnotherapy is a process that I can utilise as required to be more effective in life as required going forward. I found Sarah to be totally professional and able to answer any queries quickly and concisely, thereby reassuring me throughout our work together and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

RJ, East Yorkshire

Pain went to zero

“Sarah made me feel so relaxed and at ease when I was in agony from a tooth abscess. The way she helped me with my pain was unbelievable, and the pain went from unbearable to zero. It was incredible. Sarah taught me how to relax and to use my mind to work with the pain. Her manner is so gentle and lovely and you could not get a better person for this type of work. A week later Sarah helped me again, this time with terrible tinnitus and again the results were unbelievable. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.”

DD, North Yorkshire, UK

Intelligent and insightful

“Sarah has not only helped me to understand where my procrastination comes from but also managed to put a STOP to it. Sarah’s therapeutic interventions are intelligent, insightful and have a simple elegance to them, which are only enhanced by Sarah’s intuition and inherent ability to understand and empathise with her clients. I felt very comfortable with Sarah and would definitely recommend for anyone who is willing to do the work, to book a session with Sarah at MindBodyFreedom.”

SL, London UK

Arthritis pain

“I suffer from a lot of arthritis pain which was prevented me from getting on with my work and life. Sarah helped me with hypnotherapy for pain control and taught me various relaxation methods, which was a great help when the pain was so bad. Before my replacement shoulder operation  Sarah prepared me for both pre-op relaxation and confidence, and post-op pain control. I had all the recordings in my phone so I could play them back anytime I needed to. This was a tremendous help both before I went to surgery and when I came round to cope with the fear and the pain. I even listened to the recording in the recovery room. Thankfully the operation was a great success and the physiotherapist said that the speed of my recovery and healing was remarkable. I would certainly go back to Sarah for help in the future and would recommend her therapy to anyone in pain, worry, or anguish..”

DR, North Yorkshire, UK

About our Pre-recorded Products

A Place of Serenity

“This audio recording has had such a positive effect on me!  Even after the first time of hearing, my body felt calmer and lighter and I was able to sleep better, continued listening has increased that feeling and even after a recent car crash when normally I would have felt stressed about the process of buying a new car and paying for it, I had none of that stress and anxiety.”

S L, North Yorkshire, UK

A Place of Serenity

 Since struggling with grief and the stress of a relationship breakdown, I have listened to A Place of Serenity to help me stay grounded through relaxation. Sarah’s skill and talent in helping me relax has been really useful. My sleeping has improved since listening to this guided visualisation and Sarah’s voice soothes the deepest pain. I am so grateful for your recordings thank you.

R C, North Yorkshire, UK



Leaves on a Stream

“Thank you for this, in just a few moments you have stopped me from over-thinking. I can’t thank you enough.”

HK, Cardigan, Wales

Leaves on a Stream

“Thank you Sarah I have just listened to your complimentary download and you have such a soothing voice. I’m feeling better already from hearing it. Things improving.”

SS, Fife, Scotland

Leaves on a Stream

“I have been listening to Sarah’s Leaves on a Stream regularly over the past couple of months after some really difficult personal times. Sarah’s voice is inimitable, soothing and reassuring and has helped me with finding more helpful feelings of hope and confidence in moving forward. I can recommend Leaves on a Stream for anyone who is trying to let go with unhelpful thoughts in order to move on. Thank you Sarah.”

C R, North Yorkshire, UK

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Booking your First Appointment

  When you book your first Cognitive Behavioural Hynpotherapy session (usually 90 minutes) at Mind Body Freedom your appointment will be confirmed, and you will receive some paperwork by email which will include our terms and conditions, payment details, a...

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Initial complimentary phone consultation followed by secure online 1:1 conferencing or there are a few limited sessions in person at Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK, follwing strict Covid-19 Prevention Protocols.