How’s everyone feeling as we ease into a New Year? I’ve been really glad of the break and the rest. The current ongoing situation is exhausting of all of us, regardless of our individual situations. 

Our past is behind us and we can let it go, the future is ahead of us and we don’t yet know what it holds, and the present simply lies within us. 

If you’re struggling with increased anxiety or negative thoughts try concentrating on the present for a few moments several times a day using your five senses to notice where you are right now.

What can you see?

What can you feel against your skin or body?

What can you hear?

What can you taste?

What can you smell?

Try this in different places; inside in different rooms and outside. Notice any differences. 

The senses exercise is a brilliant way of grounding yourself and easing anxiety and/or negative thoughts. If five seems too much to start with, just try three: seeing, hearing and feeling. The more you practise this the sharper your senses become. 

I use this exercise both on myself and with clients.