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Life is not always a  bowl of sweet cherries it’s more like lemons, but we’ve learnt how Vitamin C benefits our bodies and know the sharp fresh smell when we slice a lemon.

I want to show you something. Please take a moment to follow a few instructions. Please find somewhere to relax quietly and peacefully (away from work and machinery); simply take in a deep breath through your nose and breathe out slowly through pursed lips, and another one or two breaths until you feel relaxed.

On the next breath, or when you are ready  breathe in and imagine you’ve cut a fresh lemon and you’re lifting a piece up to your mouth. Imagine you’re opening your mouth and sucking on this lemon. Feel the sharpness, and the juice, the tart lemony taste and smell.

Breathe it all in, keep imagining it and notice how you’re body responds. Feel your salivary glands responding to this stimulus and  notice how your mouth is watering although you’re not actually eating the lemon.

Our minds and bodies are seamlessly connected along a superfast highway and sometimes our wires get crossed, or we need re-programming. It’s nothing to worry about and it’s nothing we’ve done, but we can work together to change it. Just think of it as an upgrade to your operating system.

It works.

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